PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris - Silver

I entered a series of photographs I took in November 2016 that I call Six into PX3 in 2017, then just like in the case of my entry into the International Photo Awards One Shot 2016 promptly forgot. However, unlike in the case of the IPA One Shot Challenge I remembered to enter my series into the proper category, non professional, because I don't earn the majority of my income from my photography related pursuits. Remember, an amateur is defined as somebody who undertakes a given pursuit for the sake of personal fulfillment and enjoyment rather than economic considerations.

           I was delighted to discover recently that I had won silver in the nature - tree's category due to series being restricted to five images at PX3 I reduced my series to the following photographs. I described my series as follows: A carefully timed series of photographs taken during November 2016; all within 30 minutes of each other. This series exemplifies the transitional nature of the fall as well as the unpredictable weather of British Columbia's wilderness as sunlight swiftly changes to shifting fog.

November Mist

Narrow Columns

Hidden Ways

The Shortcut

The Great Beast

           Although, I consider Six a individual series of images its nonetheless part of a larger ongoing body of work. Each image in was intended to portray its own message and the entire project something else entirely.

           Its a fun post to be able to make. I'll include links below to PX3 2017. Your probably wondering what you actually get for winning silver in PX3 I received a certificate, press release and marketing logo stating I've won silver in a juried photography award.

To view my entry click here.


All of the winning photographs and photographers for PX3 2017.

My Original Post Discussing Six

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