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Fog, Cloud and Mountains

Fog blowing along mountain ridge lines in valleys creates a striking vista. Rather than merely obscure; the fog and billowing clouds highlight beautiful alpine features, from ragged tree lines along the peaks of low mountains, to seemingly near vertical forests inaccessible on steep slopes.


           Views such as that above come during the rains in mid to late fall and throughout spring in British Columbia reminding me of the humidity and delicate smell of fresh rainfall on a cool spring day. Interestingly, if you search enough you'll find theirs a word for almost anything including fresh rainfall which is petrichor originally coined by two Australian researchers. Here's a link to petrichor's definition by Merriam Webster. As discussed in Merriam Webster's definition of petrichlor, its incredible to find a single word that precisely describes something everyone around the world experiences yet struggles to describe in a sentence let alone one word.

Valley Sides

           Its interesting, revisiting many of these relatively older photos from early 2016 a year later in the spring of 2017; while revisiting photographs I find I remember nearly all of the circumstances that lead to the taking of the picture from the weather, it was lightly raining, to the numbness of my fingers as I pressed the button releasing the shutter in the cold January air.

Cloudy Shores

           Step forward one year here's a similar photograph to the previous taken within 5 kilometers of it overlooking Pitt Lake, a regional park near Pitt Meadows in Metropolitan Vancouver. In this instance rather than capturing the smaller details of the scene; those of fog blowing along the mountain sides, I elected to capture the landscape as a whole. Interestingly, the lighting and clouds are remarkably similar to those of the previous photo despite being taken a year and 2 months later in March. Observing the  mountainsides of the scene above notice the trails of low passing clouds these and how they interacted with the ridges and mountain sides were the subjects of my photographs in 2016.

           Its a shame that in 2007 The Mountainside Trail offering stunning viewpoints overlooking Pitt Lake and the surrounding countryside was permanently closed due a landslide damaging the trail. The Mountainside Trail without a doubt would prove a popular attraction in 2017 by offering views of Pitt Lake. If you travel along the Pitt Lake trail and observe the mountain sides carefully you can still spot large intact sections of chain-link fence along the former trail in addition to several intact wooden viewpoints still overlooking Pitt Lake and Pitt Addington Marsh from the mountain sides.

West Coast Look

           Finishing off the article with a bit of a red herring here's my most recent photograph to appear in Flickr's explore. Its different, taken at a different time of day and I had a different theme and idea in mind - more emotional and expressive. Its important to grow creatively always try to head somewhere down a different path, explore new ideas and techniques to improve as an artist, photographer and individual.

Here's a link to my full Flickr album full of photographs of fog, cloud and mountains. 

Fog, Clouds and Mountains


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