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I have an entire album of photographs on Flickr comprised of interesting one off's. What differentiates these photographs  is their mystery and distinctiveness, every image tells a story and some stories remain pure mystery while others luckily have answers.


           I found this miniature scene while walking through the University of British Columbia's Malcolm Knapp Research Forest; if your interested in learning more about UBC's forest follow the hyperlink to its website. Somebody had placed what appeared to be wedding cake ornaments on various sites along a short but scenic trail, perhaps as part of a wedding photo-op. Mysteriously, these ornaments had been simply been forgotten, left behind after they were used in the photo-op or placed along the path for a reason we'll likely never find out.


           Some time ago it became trendy to mount old manual lenses built for the SLR's of the past on modern DSLR camera's. Many of the individuals who mount these old lenses use Mirrorless camera's with and adapters to use these lenses many of which rely on the old 'Universal' M42 lens mount system. However, not all modern camera's need adapters to mount 30 year old lenses for example, the Pentax K or PK mount has been in use since 1975 and was intended as a new 'Universal' lens mount standard, as a result, a huge variety of older manual lenses are compatible with modern Pentax digital camera's requiring no adapter.

           A popular M42 lens to mount is the Helios 44M a 58mm prime known for its distinctive depth of field. Interestingly, a Pentax K mount version of this lens was also manufactured, having a Pentax myself I decided to jump onto the 'vintage lens bandwagon' and try the Helios 44K the photo above was the result.


           This is a very distinct image, I found a field comprised of various posts some pointed some round and dull such as the wooden post above. The field was seemingly abandoned and strange. Why on earth would you plant row upon row of post? Like the previous 2 photographs this was taken using my surprisingly trusty Helios 44k.

           Different is a surprisingly large album to date theirs over 45 photographs and over time it will continue to grow and perhaps then I'll have 3 new personal favorites, until then I hope you enjoyed this short and hopefully entertaining and informative article.

Upcoming Article:

           I'm currently writing an article covering old lens systems such as M42 and how to adapt these to use on modern Mirrorless and DSLR camera's it should be an interesting read.


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