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Macro Photography & Lens Review

I’ve been testing out a macro lens I recently purchased the Pentax DA 1: 2.8 35mm Macro Limited.This older Pentax macro lens comes from the limited line of lenses. Its advantages include its normal field of view 52.5mm in 35mm format, a small form factor 49mm filter thread, 1 to 1 magnification, sharpness and lack of distortion. Lenses such as these are suited for everything from street and landscape photography, portrait photography, to casual macro photography.

           I wouldn’t recommend a 35mm macro  for photographing subjects such as insects, due to their short focal length you would have to nearly touch the subject to get a macro image. In the case of some arachnids; this could result in a situation in which the subject is either chased away or climbs onto the lens and attaches itself to your face.  Newer versions of the Pentax 35mm macro limited feature a premium ‘HD’ coating potentially resulting in less glare and more natural colors. In most situations, the difference between the old Super Protect (SP) coating and the new ‘HD’ coating should be unnoticeable. Images taken facing directly into the sun or with the camera pointed at a bright light source are likely to show a noticeable difference between the ‘DA’ and ‘HD’ versions of this lens. 

Underneath the Bridge One Day

           One of the first photographs I took with this lens was of the front page of the Vancouver Sun. The article detailed a new tourism venture, you can now get guided tours and even climb the maintenance towers of the Lions Gate Bridge that overlooks Stanley Park and North Vancouver. Interestingly, you can see the individual fibers that make up the newspaper in this image. 

Himalayan Blackberry Vine
Himalayan Blackberry Vine
           The detail here are incredible! Although, Himalayan Blackberries taste delicious these vines as you can imagine have proven painful encounters for me and numerous others. These vines are not native to British Columbia and as a result sprout like wildfire, out-competing native species of flora while rendering acres of land impassable.

Licorice Fern
Licorice Fern

           Licorice Ferns have a ribosome or root that, apparently, tastes similar to its namesake licorice. In the past Licorice Fern was used a as a famine food by first nations, its past use a famine food may hint that this fern tastes anything but similar to its delectable namesake. The article this Wednesday has been a short one because I have an exam this Thursday morning. Best of luck to everyone!

General Tips for Purchasing Equipment Online 

           How to safely purchase equipment online will be a full length article in the near future because these tip sections are to brief. When purchasing anything online from a Birks necklace to a expensive used lens on Ebay its important that you take precautions to make sure your getting the item your expecting. 

  1. First make sure your on the correct website and that your connection is secure, the search bar on google chrome as an example should display a padlock and the text 'secure' with a green 'https:' this denotes that this is a secure connection and your information is safe. Be careful when navigating sites without a secure connection your data including credit card information could be vulnerable if you make a purchase. 
  2. Read the description of the item you are interested in purchasing in detail, if theirs a lack of detail or the information is incomplete or deceptive exercise caution. For example a camera lens listed by a seller on ebay not describing its condition or providing detailed pictures may arrive looking different than you expect. 
  3. Don't give out your credit card information, instead use a service such as paypal that acts as an intermediary between your bank account and the seller. Paypal also offers protection in the event of you not receiving your purchase or getting an incorrect item. 
  4. Sellers reputation: a sellers rating and reviews on services such as Ebay or Amazon can easily tell you whether or not they are worth purchasing from. 
  5. Email and ask questions, sending a message to inquire about a product can save you a lot of trouble. 


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