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Why Create a Blog?

I’ve decided to create a blog, currently on Google Blogger or BlogSpot to better showcase some of the content I post to Flickr. Don’t get me wrong Flickr is a great platform for sharing photographs and images however, its very limiting in terms of its ability to both display greater bodies of work such as photo projects, provide background and context to the images, and even display a greater variety of images and photographs. Yes, although its possible to post a variety of styles of imagery to a single photo-stream in Flickr

Three Pillars
Some Variety, this is an abstract image of back lit and aging pillars.                   
            This culminates in a situation in which one is encouraged to post specific themes of photo’s such as forested landscapes. Although, I very much enjoy taking editing and sharing forest and landscape themed images I sometimes find it disheartening when I post something a little different and find it to be far less popular than images of a different theme. Despite one’s best efforts to the contrary, discovering some images are more popular than others affects the types of photographs uploaded and eventually the types of photo’s taken. Nevertheless, this blog is titled ‘In Depth’ the goal is not just sharing a greater variety of content the point in this blog is to provide context, details or just more information about a photograph in general. This ‘context’ could include background about the scene of a photograph or even the politics and history surrounding a general location or be as simple as providing details on the techniques used to produce a given image.

            Anyways, this post is already beginning to read as far too formal. Expect more in depth written content, interesting background posts and too see and read things you wouldn’t necessarily see on my Flickr photo stream. I intend to keep updating this blog with posts on at least a weekly or bi-weekly basis and will as always read and respond to every comment I receive, although I don’t expect their to be many or any comments on this blog in the near future.

Some background on myself

            I’m an avid photographer and accounting student from British Columbia Canada, I live in Metropolitan Vancouver. I’ve taken all sorts of courses for personal interest or fun including Black and White Film at Emily Carr University where I’m currently enrolled in a certificate, Organizational Theory and Design, International Organizational Behavior (20-page report), Philosophy and Religion(!?), and many more!

Some of my textbooks.                                                                                                                               
I’m also an avid trail runner, hiker, newb mountain biker and toastmaster!


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Third Person
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